April 9, 2014

About Us

Strength In Number & Density

The Russell Area Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary business organization consisting of its members: Business owners and managers, Community Leaders, Non-Profits, Individuals – anyone interested in the business environment of Russell and the surrounding area and the betterment of its communities can become a member. The Chamber’s strength lies in the number and density of its members. Membership is an investment in the Russell Area. The Chamber’s focus is driven by the concerns of these members, and its services can include retail promotions, handling business concerns, and business and professional development opportunities, and community enhancement activities.

Although its members are the most important participants in The Chamber’s activities and endeavors, in order to accomplish the goals and objectives established by its membership, The Chamber needs the participation of the entire community. Each individual and firm is an important link in the well-being of the Russell area. Everyone benefits from the work of The Russell Area Chamber of Commerce!

Board of Directors:

Chairperson: Connie Blanke

Secretary: Andrew Ochampaugh

Treasurer: Gloria Homeier

Past Chairperson: Kendra Trueblood

Board Member: Kelsi Birney

Board Member: Sharon Collins

Board Member: April Webb

Board Member: Ashleigh Meyer